A snapshot of the people who make PublicAd run

The Team

Veronica Garcia Alchurrut

Latin American Business Development

Veronica manages the Business Development in Latin America. With more than 5 years of experience in the mobile arena, she manages the Marketing Area as well as dealing with sales and businesses activities with mobile and web Ad Networks, Mobile Operators, Multimedia Companies, etc. 

Doo Kim

North American Business Development

Doo Kim is a well-rounded marketing and advertising professional with a 4-year record of success. After attending The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she studied Product Development, she moved to New York and has been in the Mobile Marketing industry for the past year.  


Javier Nogueira

Head of Technical Services

Javier Nogueira has over 17 year of  IT experience, 10 of them serving various positions in telecommunication companies, covering Systems Development, E-Commerce Integrations, Business Intelligence and IT Management. He is responsible for overseeing development of technology solutions for the Latin America markets.  Prior to his current position, Javier worked for Repsol, Telefónica and IBM.  Javier holds an Information Systems Engineer degree from the National Technological University of Argentina.

George Firingos

Head of Global Accounts

George has had over 14 years of experience in accounting and account management.  He has a history of superior management skills and he brings a wealth of knowledge and competency to the group. He operates out of the New York Office and is an incredible asset to the team.